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Dedicated to preserving our town,
our community.

Serving the Town of High River for Eighteen Years.

Thank You For Your 2010 Vote!

Richard Murray and Family

Carroll, Emmett, Brenna and Richard


Richard Joined the High River Volunteer Fire Department in 1995.

He moved on to volunteer with Emergency Management in 2001. He served as Director of Disaster Services until December of 2004 then took on the role of Deputy Director of Emergency Management.

Richard's activities in the town have included coaching his son's soccer team, running a family badminton program, organizing the High River Model Train show and serving as president of the High River Tennis Club.

Today he is

Vice-chair of the High River and Area Recreation Board,
Vice-chair of the High River Arts and Culture Board,
Vice-president of the Sheppard Family Park Society,
President of the High River Tennis Club and
Board member of the High River and District Lions Music Festival.


It was a great learning experience.

I enjoyed being out going door-to-door meeting residents.

One of my "Lessons Learned" is that next time I have to start knocking on doors on nomination day.

I have continued to serve our community.

I have attended the majority of council meetings and town open houses since the 2010 election.

I will be running for council in this falls election.

Thank you all,
Richard Murray



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Monday, Oct. 21 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013 will be election day for the municipalities of Alberta. The big change is that we are moving from 3 year terms to four years terms.

I've been hard at work in our community. I have been serving as the Vice Chairman for both the High River and Area Parks and Recreation Board and the High River Arts and Culture Board. I also serve on the Sheppard Family Park Board. (Sheppard Park is an area dedicated to preserving our local history through a collection of historic buildings and activities.) In 2012 I was asked to step in to reorganize the High River Handi-Bus Society. The Society is now back on its feet with a dedicated new board that will insure that this essential service continues to assist the residents of High River.

I chaired the George Lane Park Review Committee. This was a very positive experience. I feel that we provided High River will have a roadmap that will allow for improvements at the park while preserving the historic and natural feeling of the park. Already some of the recommendations have been implemented and can be seen.

Our Community Challenge

"In May of this year we were focused on how to manage the development of High River while maintaining our small town sense of community.

Today we are faced with rebuilding our town and our community.

I believe that my volunteer background within High River has giving me the skill set needed to face this challenge."

Richard Murray


Heaven Can Wait

For the past few years I have had the privilege of helping manage the Heaven Can Wait Adoption Centre.

The flood has pushed back the opening date for the new centre but progress is being made.

When not at meetings or knocking on doors you should be able to find me at our new location, #1, 938 Center Street SE, right beside Art Effects.


I have been involved with many organizations and with many events over the years.  There is a common element that makes an organization or event a success, clear communications.

Many times when a problem arises, the root of the problem can be traced to missing or unclear communications.

All of us have a responsibility to make our message as clear and as accurate as possible.  We also have a responsibility to listen to the information we are receiving.  If there is something we do not understand, we must ask for clarification.

This applies to all aspects of our lives; our families, our friends, our co-workers, our clients and especially with our elected officials.


Debate is a necessary part of the success of a council.  It brings forth different viewpoints and may raise points that an individual councilor may have missed.

Just as important as the debate is that council come to a consensus after the debate.

Council must move forward and act as a team for the good of our community.

Personal Challenge

One of the challenges that I will face is that I know many Town employees and have worked at their side over the years.

The role of council is to develop and evaluate policy.  It is our administration and staff that implement that policy and to see to the day-to-day operations of our Town.

There is an established clear line of communication between Council and Administration.  It will be my challenge to ensure that I follow this line instead of going directly to those who I have worked with over the years.


Contact Richard at (403) 652-9360 or email: Richard Murray